Support for Australia's bushfire victims

Posted: 21/01/2020

Plenty of airtime has been dedicated to the recent bushfires in Australia and as a nation we have all seen the devastation and heartache over recent months that they have caused. The loss of homes, livelihoods and ultimately lives has been nothing short of tragic.

The fires are for the most part now contained and the time to help support the rebuilding process begins now. We know that lots of institutions and organisations have their own initiatives to support the individuals and communities that have been affected, and we too feel compelled to contribute positively in some way.

So until further notice, whenever an employer advertises with us on STEMMjobs we will be donating 10% of all listings fees along with all proceeds from listing upgrades to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund.

We recognize that this contribution is minuscule compared to that of our brave firefighters, the volunteers and charities that continue to aid recovery, and the large corporations that have the resources to make a real difference, but we too feel a sense of responsibility to our fellow Australians and want to contribute.

In return for your upgrades and support we will be forever grateful, but not moreso than those who truly need our help.

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