About us

STEMMjobs is a niche job board for STEMM professionals and aims to be the leading advertiser of STEMM field jobs for employers, regardless of the sector they operate in.


Through our programmatic advertising approach we encourage our advertisers to support gender equity, diversity and inclusivity whilst promoting equal opportunity.  


Here at STEMMjobs we take the view that the STEMM fields are being under-represented in terms of their contribution to the advancement of all nations, so it became apparent that the jobs in these specialised fields deserved their own platform, and that the audience for those jobs should feel distinguished when searching for a new challenge.


We’d also really like to help professionals in the STEMM fields with their career, so we’ll be launching some services shortly which will assist the life cycle of a professional career in STEMM.


During 2020 we’ll be continuing to invest in AI (Artificial Intelligence) to make our job search and job matching more intuitive for job seekers.


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