Supporting equity & diversity as a job board

Posted: 03/12/2019

When you look at the job board advertising sector, it’s safe to say there hasn’t been a huge amount of innovation over the last decade or more.

In fact, classified online advertising (Real estate, cars, jobs etc.) as a whole has been slow to adapt and change even though technology has developed at a fast pace.

Not only has the technological aspect of our world developed, but our cultural and social understanding has evolved, leading us to live in a more interconnected world that thrives on change.

We can also see that lots of companies are addressing some of the imbalances and unconscious bias that exists when it comes to recruitment through the introduction of equity & diversity programs.

Nowhere are these programs and initiatives more evident than in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine fields (STEMM) fields and STEMMjobs offers employers a platform that can help them achieve this aims from the very outset.

As a recruitment advertising solution, STEMMjobs uses the latest innovation in marketing technology and utilises programmatic advertising that is driven by artificial intelligence to constantly refine and attract a specified audience.

Here’s an example of what’s possible:

An Employer wants to attract a Mechanical Engineering Professional.

An advert is listed on STEMMjobs and the Employer completes the programmatic targeting fields to identify potential applicants:

  • Gender (male / female),
  • Age (18 - 56+)
  • Education Level (Certificate - PhD)
  • Field of Study (specify a field or discipline)
  • Location (define countries or regions to target)
  • Languages (specify a particular language)

STEMMjobs then uses real-time data to identify the best audience(s) for the listing and displays digital ad inventory across multiple devices, in places that relevant audience care about.

This type of programmatic, targeted advertising approach can play a tiny part in addressing some of the equity and diversity goals of any employer simply through the process of outlining what an ideal candidate might look like. It by no means suggests that that’s what an employer will end up with, but it gives them a much better chance of finding the candidate they’d like.

STEMMjobs may not be the answer to achieving improved workplace diversity, and it won’t handle your recruiting process for you, but there is no other job board that is going to these lengths of innovation to address and support employers looking for STEMM professionals.

If you’re a recruiter looking for a professional with a background in STEMM, or if you’d like to know more about how STEMMjobs can support equity & diversity goals, please get in touch.

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