Postdoctoral Fellow

  • EMBL
  • Germany
  • Aug 24, 2021
Science Full Time - Fixed Term

Job Description:

The group of Arnaud Krebs (EMBL Heidelberg) is looking for a post-doctoral candidate to develop a DFG funded project aiming at understanding the molecular mechanisms used by transcription factors at enhancers to activate transcription in the context of development.   The Krebs group at EMBL studies fundamental mechanisms regulating gene expression. Our main goal is to understand how regulatory genetic information is interpreted by transcription factors. We study the contribution of cooperativity mechanisms (Sönmezer C, et al, Mol Cell 2021), the influence of epigenetics marking and nuclear context on the function of enhancers. Our approach combines development of new genomics strategies and high-throughput perturbation systems (Krebs A, et al, eLife 2019) to understand how Transcription Factors control cell identity.         

The project will study the mechanisms used by transcription factors to cooperate at enhancers and activate transcription. Successful candidates will study if the co-occupancy of specific TF combinations on DNA leads to transcription activation. The approach combines single cell, single molecule genomics with optogenetics, live imaging and high-throughput genetic perturbations. The post-doc candidate will profit from the expertise in single molecule genomics (Krebs A, TIGS 2021) and computational biology within the Krebs lab (Kleinendorst R, Barzaghi G et al Nature Protocols, in press).  The work will be directly supported by the computational facility and the sequencing facility at EMBL.

A PhD or equivalent qualification in molecular biology. You are interested in mechanisms of genome regulation,  enthusiastic for large scale quantitative experimental biology. You are excited by biological discoveries, you are interested in interdisciplinary science, and you enjoy collaborative work.

EMBL is an inclusive, equal opportunity employer offering attractive conditions and benefits appropriate to an international research organisation with a very collegial and family friendly working environment. The remuneration package comprises from a competitive salary, a comprehensive pension scheme, medical, educational and other social benefits, and the availability of an excellent child care facility on campus. Successful candidates will be offered a 2 years contract (renewable).

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