Academic Advisor II

  • University of Florida
  • United States
  • Jul 20, 2021
Full Time - Continuing

Job Description:

Classification Title:

Academic Advisor II

Job Description:

Handles all functions with regard to Entomology & Nematology graduate students (Gainesville, REC, and EEP) and DPM students; advises the current and potential departmental and certificate students (not those in self-funded programs), meets with them during the semester about their concerns, helps them to choose appropriate classes, and guides them towards earning a degree or certificate; handles all functions as departmental registrar.

ENY Graduate Program – Admissions

Check SLATE graduate admissions several times weekly and initiate and maintain new student application electronic packets and database for review by Graduate Coordinator.

Maintain all electronic materials and correspondence from applicants and potential applicants regarding on-campus, REC, and EEP-funded graduate programs. Talk with them about their applications and the departmental and university requirements.

Create Letters of Appointment for Graduate Assistants using DocuSign.

Process I20 requests and monitor registration requirements.

ENY Graduate Program – Advising

Investigate, develop and maintain a graduate advising hub in CANVAS to provide information, resources and program deadlines faculty and graduate students and a place to submit required forms.

Investigate use of an advising reservation system to facilitate advising, if this seems to be more time efficient than walk-ins, email, and phone calls.

Assist graduate students with registration and guide them during milestone events—proposal, qualifying exams, final exams, thesis and dissertation defenses.

Meet with the students throughout the year as needed. Assist them with their concerns. Help them to navigate the UF system and adhere to departmental policies. Refer them to the appropriate sources as needed.

Address student concerns about classes necessary for graduation and/or certificate completion. Make sure the students are enrolled in the proper courses and sections.

Monitor student performance and resolve student issues with the implementation of academic resources and/or available programs.

Prepare required memoranda to Admissions Office, Registrar’s Office, Graduate School, International Center, CALS’ Deans Office, and appropriate faculty.

Organize and maintain electronic records, and GIMS records for current graduate students to include on-campus, REC, and FAMU Cooperative PhD programs.

Review submitted supervisory committee forms and enter committee into GIMS; review program of study form prior to getting signature of Graduate Coordinator, for each graduate student.

Coordinate and issue announcements and assessment forms for all proposal presentations (M.S. and PhD), oral PhD examinations, final exams, and thesis/dissertation defenses. Follow up with committee members and forward received assessments to Academic Advisor I for input into SACS database.

Use DocuSign to collect signatures on forms for qualifying and final examinations before entry into GIMS.

Fulfill duties and responsibilities of department representative for all official entries in GIMS.

Continuously update graduate students and faculty (as necessary) on policies, procedures, deadlines, etc., using department-maintained email list serve.

Send faculty email request and track compliance for Semester Evaluations for all graduate students, regardless of funding source, at the end of each semester. Electronically transmit a copy to Academic Advisor I so they can enter data in the assessment database; place evaluations in student's electronic folder.

Provide Administrative Specialist evaluation dates for graduate students when she enters Letter of Appointment each semester for students on assistantship/Fellowship. This includes departmentally-funded students at RECs.

Reconcile the data in GIMS and any electronic department file for each graduated student to include the following data: degree, date of graduation, thesis or dissertation title, chairman and committee members, and matriculation date.

Conduct degree certification at the department level. Notify College and Graduate School of students to be deleted from or added to Degree list (on GIMS).

ENY Graduate Program – Graduate Coordinator support

Prepare petitions for Graduate Coordinator signature for students addressed to the Registrar and the Graduate School (conditional admissions, other Graduate School petitions, and transfer of credit).

Assemble data as requested by the Graduate Coordinator, Chair, and/or individual faculty members.

Participate in department new student orientation. Prepare new student orientation materials, reserve room for semester orientation. Discuss the Graduate Student Checklist with new students.

Assist Graduate Coordinator in compilation of university graduate catalog material.

Compile and assist in preparation of on-campus departmental graduate handbook.

Assist with on-campus recruiting events.

Duties as Departmental Registrar

Advise and assist in registration of Gainesville, REC and EEP graduate students. Investigate Qualtrics as a way to receive registration requests each semester and automatically provide correct departmentally controlled class numbers so students can register themselves.

Maintain electronic database of current students with all often-needed information in one place. From this database, compile semester list of registered graduate students stating their degree, supervisory chairman, phone number, office number, and area of interest and distribute to key staff members, including webmaster.

Process appropriate drop/add forms based on the student’s academic program.

Refer student to the appropriate advisor/faculty member based on the student’s issue/need.

Prepare, maintain and save in PDF various department-specific forms for student and faculty used in registration (special topics, internship, incomplete grade, etc.).

Notify faculty and students via email of critical dates and policy changes relative to registration.

Keep current on all new online systems. Remain current on policies and procedures by attending and participating in CCOGA and annual Graduate Coordinator orientations.

Duties for Doctor of Plant Medicine Program

Advise DPM students regarding academic core requirements, appropriate class selection for program of study, academic policies and procedures, and campus resources.

Process new student application packets in SLATE for review by Program Director and DPM Admissions Committee.

Coordinate with participating faculty in departments regarding admission and mentoring.

Create Letters of Appointment for Graduate Assistants using DocuSign.

Assist students with course registration and drop/add, as necessary.

Maintain and track graduate student information in GIMS. Coordinate with graduate coordinators in other departments regarding student’s progress.

Monitor student performance and resolve student issues with the implementation of academic resources.

Work to position students to meet requirements for graduation while preparing them to achieve future career goals.

Every semester, organize and arrange proctor for the written competency area exams (Plant, Soil, and Weed Science; Entomology/Nematology; and Plant Pathology)

Interpret University policies and procedures and curriculum to DPM students, faculty and staff.

Maintain student and advising records in accordance with state/federal law and university regulations.

Create form letters, Transfer of Credit petitions and other correspondence.

Update DPM student handbook on a yearly basis.

Track DPM student semester registration, tuition waiver and petition letters.

Work closely with the Program Director and Graduate School on all aspects of academic policies and procedures, as it relates to DPM students.

Responsible for reporting incidents of sexual harassment/misconduct to the university Title IX coordinator.

Process I20 requests and monitor registration requirements.

Duties for Department

Update graduate faculty on policies and procedure changes via email. Notify supervisors of concerns with their students,

Assist with updating departmental student phone and email address list each semester.

Perform any additional duties deemed necessary for maintaining a successful department.

Expected Salary:

$40,000 - $50,000

Minimum Requirements:

Master’s degree in education, counseling, or an academic field directly related to the advisor’s area of responsibility and one year of relevant experience; or a bachelor's degree in education, counseling, or an academic field directly related to the advisor’s area of responsibility and two years of relevant experience.

Preferred Qualifications:

Working knowledge of online systems such as, Graduate Information Management System (GIMS), Student Information System, SLATE admissions, Textbook Adoptions, Course Scheduling. Room Scheduling (Ad Astra), Letter of Appointment System

Working knowledge of Word, Excel, and Canvas.

Knowledge of Graduate School policies

Knowledge of Admissions policies.

Knowledge of Registrar policies and procedures.

Knowledge of Academic Personnel policies.

Knowledge of departmental policies.

Knowledge of IFAS – CALS policies.

Knowledge of International Center policies

Special Instructions to Applicants:

Please upload cover letter, CV, statement on advising philosophy, diversity statement and list of at least three references.

Application must be submitted by 11:55 p.m. (ET) of the posting end date.

Health Assessment Required:No