• The University of Melbourne
  • Australia, Vic
  • Jul 8, 2021

Job Description:

$107,547 - $127,707 p.a. (Level B)

$131,739 - $151,900 p.a. (Level C)

Level of appointment is subject to qualifications and experience

About the role:

The foundation fellow will develop bioinformatics projects to support ongoing and new research in Immunology and Microbiology at the Doherty Institute. The fellow will supervise a research team of bioinformaticians. This role is anticipated to generate substantial new scientific discovery in the areas of biological sciences pursued in the institute (including Immunology and Microbiology); as well as facilitate development of novel approaches in bioinformatics, particularly in the application of mathematical and computational techniques to the analysis of data from new and emerging ‘omic technologies (including genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics).

About you:

Minimum Qualifications Required:

• PhD in bioinformatics, genomics, computer sciences or equivalent field

Skills and Experience required to fulfil the position:

• Demonstrated understanding of bioinformatics tools, methods, data analyses, data management and analysis platforms.

• Experience in running bioinformatics workflows on high performance computing clusters

• Experience in computational and statistical analysis of genomic datasets

• Demonstrated ability to work as a member of a research team and interact in a courteous and effective manner with academic, administrative and support staff