Veterinary Technician I/II (CARE)

  • University of Florida
  • United States
  • May 26, 2021
Full Time - Continuing

Job Description:

Classification Title:

Veterinary Technician I/II (CARE)

Job Description:

Nursing Care and Clinics
A key role for this position is to assist services where needed and ensure all tasks are completed for the day/shift. The expectation is that the individual will communicate effectively with services to determine the needs and priorities needed for the day. They will bring in the area a positive “can do” attitude. Primary duties depend on the area assigned and the key strengths of the individual.
As a veterinary technician, providing high quality nursing care is essential for the care of our patients and the success of the service. The person is expected to have excellent basic nursing skills and know when to ask for help or seek guidance. We want staff to promote patient safety and quality care by ensuring each patient is treated as if it was their own cherished pet. Patients should be handled with care with the goal to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress during their visit.
Examples of this include but not limited to the following:

• General nursing skills such as venipuncture, catheter placement, patient restraint, treatments, medication administration, and sample collection
• Ensure timely processing of appointments including paperwork in digital medical records
• Assist in diagnostic workups by facilitating scheduling, submitting samples, and participating when needed
• Perform basic anesthesia and sedation procedures including monitoring and recovery
• Perform specialty-specific nursing skills as needed
• Assist in providing clinical support to the service
• Ensure clients are seen in a timely fashion and keep the service flowing.
• Assist in patient restraint during examinations and blood draws. Perform routine nursing care such as, feeding, restraining patients, treatments.
• Assist in diagnostic work-ups; handle and restrain patients, obtain and submit clinical pathology samples, facilitate scheduling of radiographic procedures, scheduling of surgical cases, etc.
• Review and enter patient charges appropriately
• Provide clinical support to the faculty in the delivery and instruction of anesthesia
• Perform anesthesia procedures with minimum supervision
• Communicate effectively with clients in regards to the status of their pets and home care
• Performing triage assessments and prioritizing cases as they present
• Provide high quality nursing care to critically ill patients based on attention to detail

Client Services
This position is integral to ensure that patient records are complete and proper communication has occurred with owners. Our goal is to ensure that each client experience matches the excellent care offered to their pets. The person needs to foster positivity, respect, and trust throughout their interactions. Communicating in a warm and friendly manner to all parties of the patient care team and portray an attitude of “how can I help?” is important. Person needs to be proactive when it comes to communication and scheduling to help facilitate the best needs of the patients and schedule.

Examples of this include but not limited to the following:
• Phone Calls
• All calls (internal and external) need to be handled in a professional and welcoming manner
• Ability to triage calls to determine urgency and send to appropriate person.
• Document calls in a clear and concise manner within medical record
• Follow up on lab reports and ensure owners are informed of results in a timely fashion
• Scheduling & Appointments
• Schedule and confirm appointments and ensure owners are prepared for their appointment
• Work to schedule patients for future appointments prior to being discharged from hospital
• Check in patients and assist with client service representative duties as needed
• Work with the services to ensure that procedures are booked appropriately and anesthesia requests are completed in a timely manner
• Communicate with the patient care team regarding patient care
• Assist with estimates, paperwork, and charges for cases
• Ensure discharges have been finalized with appropriate time frame and client has received a copy
• Ensure clients understand their discharges and expectations for the care of the pet

Create a safe and welcoming learning environment that promotes further education and development of staff and students by fostering positivity, respect and trust. Communicate in a warm and friendly manner to all parties of the patient care team and ask frequently; “how can I help?” Promote teamwork within the service and with lateral services to meet the needs of our patients and effectively support team members. Strive to build cohesive relationships among staff, students, and clients by creating a culture of dialogue and inviting thoughts and ideas to discuss. Assist students and other technicians in learning various anesthetic techniques, protocols, and procedures.

Examples of this include but not limited to the following:
• Recognize students that may be struggling with either technical skills or concepts and try to assist and encourage them while also informing the faculty so they can assist
• Ensure students evaluate clinical instructors and keep results confidential
• Assist new technicians with developing their nursing process to enable each individual discover the most effective and efficient way to accomplish patient care, student teaching and clinician support.
Hospital Cleanliness 10%
Responsible for uncompromising levels of cleanliness throughout the service while creating a safe and accident free environment. The overall aesthetics of the hospital area is a direct reflection on the high quality care we provide so it is important the areas are kept in pristine condition.
Examples of work include but are not limited to the following:
• Practice appropriate infection control by managing biohazardous patient care items and lab specimens appropriately
• Maintain and keep all work and break areas cleaned and organized.
• Maintain equipment within room and report broken or malfunctioning equipment to the appropriate manager
• Check drugs and supplies for expiration date and stock supplies when needed.
• Submit work orders as needed to the appropriate hospital personnel and notify the manager of the submission
• Ensure cages and runs including drains, grates, and doors are cleaned every day and as needed.
• Sweep and mop floors
• Disinfect and clean equipment
• Take out trash and recyclables
• Assist with processing laundry, as needed

Expected Salary:

Starting salary is $15.00 to $17.00 per hour, commensurate with experience.

Minimum Requirements:

Veterinary Technician I: High school diploma or equivalent and two years of veterinary experience or one year of veterinary experience and currently enrolled in a veterinary technician program or a graduate of a veterinary technician program.

Veterinary Technician II: Credentialed veterinary technician and four years of veterinary experience.

Preferred Qualifications:

• Credentialed technician or eligible for credentialing
• Knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, and terminology.
• Demonstrate consistent professional conduct and meticulous attention to detail.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills as well as interpersonal skills with patients, staff, and other members of the patient care team
• Critical thinking skills and a positive attitude; Able to think independently and demonstrate good problem solving skills
• Excellent customer service skills; excellent verbal, listening, and written communication skills
• Strong organizational skills
• Able to work in a team environment and collaborate with a variety of personnel in a positive manner

Special Instructions to Applicants:

In order to be considered, you must upload your resume and list of references.

This is a CARE position offering limited benefits, including health insurance and paid time off.

This position is considered essential personnel.

Application must be submitted by 11:55 p.m. (ET) of the posting end date.

This position is eligible for veteran’s preference. If you are claiming veteran’s preference, please upload a copy of your DD 214 Member Copy 4 with your application for consideration. See our Veteran's Preference Page for more specific information.

Health Assessment Required:


Must be able to life a minimum of 50 pounds, bend, kneel, pull, push, twist and stand for extended periods of time.