Biomedical ontology editor

  • EMBL
  • United Kingdom
  • Apr 30, 2021
Technology Full Time - Fixed Term

Job Description:

This is an opportunity to contribute to an international ontology alignment effort (uPheno) covering all the major phenotype and trait ontologies in use today.  This work will improve tools that use intra and inter-species inference of phenotypic similarity to help find the genetic causes of clinical phenotype and disease from among the vast array of variants found in patient genomes.  It will also provide one of the critical inputs to tools developed to find and prioritise drug targets.

Your work will be part of the NIH funded Phenomics First Initiative, an international consortium co-ordinated by an NIH Center of Excellence in Genomic Science and including the developers of the Human Phenotype Ontology and MONDO disease ontology.   It will involve a wide range of collaborations with phenotype and trait ontology developers and users around the world.

You will be responsible for:

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