Data Curator - Sequence Families

  • EMBL
  • United Kingdom
  • Apr 21, 2021
Technology Full Time - Continuing

Job Description:

The Sequence Families team, led by Alex Bateman, at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) is responsible for a number of world-leading protein family annotation resources, including Pfam and InterPro.

Pfam is a database of protein families, represented by multiple sequence alignments and profile hidden Markov models (HMMs). InterPro is a resource that classifies protein sequences into families, and predicts the presence of functionally important domains and sites. It does this by incorporating protein signatures from 13 different specialist international member databases, including Pfam. We are seeking for a Biocurator to join the team on a full time basis working on the InterPro/Pfam project and contribute to the content of InterPro and Pfam databases.

Reporting to the Sequence Families Team leader you will be part of the Curation Team that maintains the InterPro and Pfam resources. You will have the opportunity to critically evaluate protein signature models for inclusion in new or existing InterPro entries, as well as writing descriptive abstracts and assigning GO term annotations.

You will also maintain and update Pfam database entries, based on both user contributions and scientific literature and take part in other curation activities, as needed. Some tasks may require the use of command line tools, basic scripts and/or direct querying of relational databases. You will work closely with the rest of the curation and development team to ensure timely updates and releases of the various resources. You will also respond to user queries and requests, as appropriate.

Additionally, you will also help to maintain resource user guides, adding frequently asked questions and updating content where appropriate. Finally, you will have the chance to deliver or assist in the delivery, of in-person and remote training sessions. Main duties and responsibilities:

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