Bioinformatician - Gene Structure Annotation

  • EMBL
  • United Kingdom
  • Apr 16, 2021
Science Full Time - Continuing

Job Description:

Working as part of Ensembl Genebuild, you will join a team Bioinformaticians and Developers who are experts in gene structure annotation.  As a Bioinformatician in this team you will have the opportunity to run our large-scale annotation system producing high quality gene annotation, while collaborating with both internal and external teams to advance the field of genome annotation.

Our team has domain area expertise in software development, large-scale compute, big data, pipeline workflows and automation. We collaborate with consortia and communities from all over the world to annotate new genomes. Current and future projects for the team include: scaling up gene annotation pipelines; containerising these pipelines and deploying them to the cloud; implementing machine learning techniques to improve gene structure annotation; working with long-read (PacBio IsoSeq Nanopore) transcriptomic data with a view to extending existing annotations and identify new splice variants. 

The Ensembl project works at the cutting edge of gene structure annotation, primarily in vertebrate genomes, but increasingly in genomes of more diverse eukaryotic organisms. We design code and pipelines to annotate genomes with genes and other genomic features in diverse species.  One of our primary goals is to create scalable pipelines and processes that can be used to accurately annotate genomes for all 70,000 known species of eukaryotic organisms in Britain and Ireland.

Reporting to the Genebuild Project Leader, you will play a key role analysing the gene sets generated by the pipeline and collecting feedback from the community in order to improve the quality of the gene sets we create.

More specifically, you will:

You should hold an MSc, PhD or equivalent experience in Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Genetics or a related field.

You will be to write, understand and maintain complex code. You will also have knowledge and experience in the following areas: This role will require you to have good communication and interpersonal skills, and be a self-starter who can manage their own time to meet the needs of several projects. The key attributes sought are the ability to work in a team, excellent attention to detail, solid problem-solving skills, and the desire to learn and improve. Furthermore, you should demonstrate your ability to communicate both biological and computational ideas (orally and in writing), time management to deadlines, and a desire to work in an international environment.

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