Biological Scientist II

  • University of Florida
  • United States
  • Apr 15, 2021
Full Time - Continuing

Job Description:

Classification Title:

Biological Scientist II

Job Description:

• Using a general molecular biology background and independent decision making to perform experiments proficiently as needed. Including experimental sample organization and assisting in ordering, as well as designing, modifying, planning and conducting research experiments in accordance with EHS safety standards: 30%

• Accurately measuring and making laboratory solutions as needed: 10%

• Responsible for the maintenance of standard operating procedures, general laboratory cleanliness, and maintenance of laboratory instruments in compliance with laboratory inspections: 10%

• Nucleic acid extractions (such as DNA and RNA extractions), cDNA synthesis, Gel electrophoresis, PCR, Quantitative Real-Time PCR, Library preparation, quantification and sequencing: 30%

• Assisting in the management of laboratory databases and updating protocols as needed: 10%

• Organization and analysis of data for presentations and write-ups of experiments: 10%

Expected Salary:

$46,000 - $48,000

Minimum Requirements:

Bachelor's degree in biology or a closely related field and three years of relevant experience ;or a Master's degree in biology or a closely related field and one year of relevant experience; Doctoral degree in biology or a closely related field.

Preferred Qualifications:

Three years of technical experience in a laboratory setting, ability to follow instructions and the ability to work with others.

Experience with next generation sequencing techniques (library preparation, running samples on Illumina platforms) are essential requisites for this position.

Positive attitude to work with a track record of working well with other lab members and performing all work in a safe manner.

Special Instructions to Applicants:

In order to be considered, you must upload your cover letter and resume.

Application must be submitted by 11:55 p.m. (ET) of the posting end date.

This requisition has been reposted. Previous applicants are still under consideration and need not apply.

This position is eligible for veteran’s preference. If you are claiming veteran’s preference, please upload a copy of your DD 214 Member Copy 4 with your application for consideration. See our Veteran's Preference Page for more specific information.

Health Assessment Required:Yes