Innovation Practice Lead

  • University of New South Wales
  • Australia, NSW
  • Jul 2, 2024

Job Description:

  • UNSW IT, daily rate contract role working as an Innovation Practice Lead

  • Kensington based, Hybrid working environment

The vision of the UNSW Innovation Accelerator Program is to create an environment that empowers and supports individuals to bring innovative ideas to fruition. It emphasizes strong leadership endorsement, capability uplift by developing new skill sets, mindsets, and tool sets, and fostering a culture of innovation, customer centricity, and collaboration. The program aims to provide a pathway for ideas to be developed, evaluated, and integrated into business as usual (BAU), with a focus on speed and agility to facilitate the rapid movement of ideas and innovation. This vision is supported by a foundational method and approach that includes understanding the problem, designing the right solution, and running experiments to test new concepts rapidly in the market. The ultimate goal is to deliver new products, features, and experiences that create value, relevance, and trust, driving deeper engagement and outcomes for UNSW staff and students.

The Innovation Practice Lead is a strategic role responsible for cultivating a robust innovation ecosystem within UNSW IT. This individual will spearhead initiatives that transform ideas into tangible outcomes, fostering a culture of continuous innovation. The role involves leading a team of innovation professionals, managing the innovation portfolio, and ensuring alignment with the university's strategic vision.

Role Purpose - The purpose of the Innovation Practice Lead role at UNSW is to drive the strategic development and implementation of innovative practices across the university. This role is key in fostering a culture of innovation, facilitating collaboration among various stakeholders, and ensuring that innovative methodologies are adopted and lead to tangible outcomes that align with UNSW's strategic goals. The Innovation Practice Lead would be responsible for identifying and nurturing innovative ideas, leading change initiatives, and providing guidance and support to teams engaged in innovation projects.

Specific accountabilities for this role include:

  • Spearhead the transformational innovation strategy for UNSW IT, perfectly syncing with the grand vision of the university.
  • Guide and inspire a dynamic team and partners, crafting a roadmap to success with clear objectives and benchmarks.
  • Curate an impressive portfolio of innovation projects, handpicking those with the most transformative potential and strategic value.
  • Build robust bridges with industry leaders, academic pioneers, and key stakeholders to skyrocket UNSW IT's innovation prowess.
  • Establish a culture of excellence in innovation management, ensuring the division is a beacon of best practices.
  • Create a vibrant learning ecosystem that celebrates bold ideas and the courage to experiment.
  • Quantify the success of innovation ventures and narrate their impact to captivated stakeholders.
  • Nurture a thriving environment where innovation and continuous enhancement are not just encouraged but celebrated.
  • Vigilantly identify and mitigate both psychosocial and physical risks, ensuring a secure and healthy workplace.

Skills and Experience 

  • Bring a wealth of experience in steering innovation within prominent organizations to the table.
  • Show off your prowess in crafting and executing groundbreaking innovation strategies.
  • Proven mastery in assembling and steering high-performance teams towards unparalleled achievements.
  • Possess an exceptional knack for managing relationships and swaying opinions across all organizational levels.
  • A profound grasp of the innovation terrain, staying ahead of the curve with emerging tech and trends.
  • A seasoned hand at managing a diverse innovation project portfolio, with a laser focus on tangible results.
  • A deep-seated commitment to the principles and aspirations of UNSW, driving every strategic decision.

To Apply: If this is of interest to you, please submit your CV, cover letter and responses to criteria.


Jen MacLachlan, Talent Acquisition, email is

Applications close: Sunday 14th of July at 11.30pm

UNSW is committed to equity diversity and inclusion. Applications from women, people of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, those living with disabilities, members of the LGBTIQ+ community; and people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent, are encouraged. UNSW provides workplace adjustments for people with disability, and access to flexible work options for eligible staff.

The University reserves the right not to proceed with any appointment.