Clinical Director - Women's and Children's Services (WACS) (525637)

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  • Australia, Tas
  • Mar 28, 2024
Medicine Part-time

Job Description:

Launceston General Hospital

Live and work in beautiful Tasmania, enjoying the challenge of managing the up to date and highly cohesive WACS department at LGH.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery, wonderful food and less hurried lifestyle offered by Australia’s island state. Be able to enjoy your choice of outdoor pursuit or simply relax in our unique environment.

Escape the tedium of traffic queues and the congestion of major cities while still working at a highly functional general hospital that provides a full range of medical services except neurosurgery and cardiothoracic surgery.

WACS employs 9 general paediatricians and 10 general obstetrician gynaecologists, many of whom have specialty areas of interest.
A lot of our staff have young families therefore choose to work less than full time.

The obstetric and midwifery unit cares for approximately 1600 births a year. A range of midwifery models of care are offered as well as the unit being the only birth suite in Launceston for private as well as public births.

WACS is a level 5 service with a neonatal unit that cares for babies born after 32 weeks gestation. Earlier gestations at risk of birth are transferred to the level 6 unit at the RHH. There is a high degree of cohesion and collaboration between the obstetric, midwifery and paediatric staff. We are excited to now have our own human donor milk store at the LGH, supplied by Lifeblood.

WACS general gynaecologists perform a wide range of gynaecologic surgery up to and including level 6 laparoscopy as well as open, vaginal and hysteroscopic surgery. Our length of stay statistics for gynaecological procedures are lower than the national average. We are developing an outpatient LLETZ and hysteroscopy service.

Tasmania has few sub specialists, no current urogynaecologist, no COGU holders and the only accredited CREI and MFM subspecialists are in Hobart. Tasmania has 2 gynaecologic oncologists who both visit Launceston to do clinics and some operating lists. Hence there is the opportunity to be a true generalist.

Due to the unique regional island location, the paediatric team manage complex patients in collaboration with mainland specialists.
The Paediatric ward is modern, and the new Paediatric Outpatient space, is the envy of the island, shared by the Paediatric Allied Health Team, and the General Paediatricians, resulting in effective collaboration and case management with colleagues.

At the LGH there is a high degree of collaboration between all the different surgical specialities meaning that help is never far away when needed.

WACS has 6 accredited registrars in O&G, and 9 registrars in General Paediatrics, a combination of basic trainees and AT’s, and remains a sought-after training site.
All but 1 of our current O&G consultants have previously done part of their training at LGH.

The WACS Director role could suit either a Paediatrician or an Obstetrician-Gynaecologist, and has previously been filled effectively by both.

Details of Appointment

Fixed Term, Part time, day worker position working 38 hours per fortnight, commencing from 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2028

*notwithstanding hours to be negotiated with the successful applicant


Specialist Medical Practitioners

Specialist Medical Practitioner Level 1- Senior Specialist Medical Practitioner Level 3 $210,000 - $301,349 per annum

Please note that access to the Senior Specialist Medical Practitioner salary range $291,472 -$301,349 per annum pro rata is subject to the successful applicant satisfying the criteria for Senior Specialist Medical Practitioner Level 1, 2 or 3 as outlined in the Medical Practitioners Agreement 2022

In addition, the following allowances calculated on the salaried incremental point may be available:


Successful applicants will be required to meet the essential criteria:

  1. Specialist or limited registration with the Medical Board of Australia in a relevant specialty

*Registration/licences that are essential requirements of this role must remain current and valid at all times whilst employed in this role and the status of these may be checked at any time during employment. It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure that registration/licences remain current and to advise the Employer if their circumstances change. This includes notifying the Employer if a registration/licence is revoked, cancelled or has its conditions altered.

The Head of the State Service has determined that the person nominated for this job is to satisfy a pre‑employment check before taking up the appointment, on promotion or transfer. The following checks are to be conducted:

  1. Conviction checks in the following areas:
  1. Crimes of violence
  2. sex related offences
  3. serious drug offences
  4. crimes involving dishonesty
  1. Identification check
  2. Disciplinary action in previous employment check.

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