OPS Research Scientist I

  • University of Florida
  • United States
  • Nov 14, 2023
Full Time - Fixed Term

Job Description:

Classification Title:

OPS Research Scientist I

Job Description:

The Gbadamosi Lab is an independent research program primarily housed in the Department of
Pharmacotherapy and Translational Research at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy.
Under the direction and supervision of the principle investigator, Dr. Mohammed Gbadamosi,
this position serves as an entry-level research scientist position and is responsible for assisting
in the design, execution, and data analysis of various experiments and studies, maintenance
and general upkeep of the lab, and a level of administrative responsibilities.

The University of Florida recognizes the value of telecommuting in fostering a flexible work environment; therefore, some consideration may be given to hybrid work after successful onboarding and training.

The University of Florida, College of Pharmacy, strives to stimulate a culture that promotes diversity and inclusion within an exceptional community of students, faculty and staff. We welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds and are committed to developing leaders who respect, support and have a positive impact on all individuals. In recognition of its efforts to cultivate a diverse and inclusive environment, the College of Pharmacy was the recipient of a 2021, 2022, and 2023 Insight into Diversity Health Professions Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award.

Essential Functions include:

Laboratory Experiments

• Standardization, validation, and optimization of protocols to increase efficiency

• Assisting in experiments as conducted by the principle investigator, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and other trainees

• Execution of independent experiments as needed

• Data analysis using the R software and other platforms as needed

• Write up weekly reports summarizing progress

Laboratory Maintenance

• Assist in weekly laboratory responsibilities including purchasing and restocking key items and processing biological waste

• Routine updating of laboratory repositories including cellular, drug, patient specimen, and laboratory reagent repositories

Training of new personnel

• Train new personnel on the successful execution of standardized lab protocols


• Update IRB and/or IACUC protocols for human subjects and animal-related research as directed by the principle investigator

Expected Salary:

$20.11 per hour

Employment Benefits include:
Health Insurance: UF participates in state-sponsored benefits programs for individuals, families and domestic partners, and offers voluntary insurance that includes vision, dental, long-term disability and more. OPS employees are eligible for state benefits if your FTE is 0.75 (30 hours per week) or greater.
Retirement Options: The Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) Alternative Plan is a mandatory retirement savings plan under Internal Revenue Code section 401(a) with Fidelity Investments and is required for eligible OPS employees. You may also voluntarily participate in other retirement saving plans.
To learn more visit: benefits.hr.ufl.edu
Minimum Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate life-science area

Preferred Qualifications:

The following qualifications are strongly preferred:

• Experience with genetics, immunology, and/or cell biology research techniques in a research or clinical laboratory (≥ 12 months)

• Must be self-motivated and highly responsible, with the ability to execute technical tasks and projects with minimal supervision and work on multiple projects simultaneously

• Strong written and verbal communication skills

• Experience in programming and data analysis with R

• Bioinformatics experience including analysis of RNA-seq, scRNA-seq, spatial transcriptomics, and WGS/WES.

• Experience in processing biological sample including primary cancer patient samples

• Experience in working with chemotherapeutic and immunotherapeutic treatment modalities

Special Instructions to Applicants:

This position has been reposted. Previous applicants are still under consideration and need not reapply.

To be considered, you must upload your cover letter, resume, and list of three professional references.

As a part of our review for research and research support positions, we look for a full CV which includes all professional appointments/engagements, all post-secondary education, and all publications from post-secondary education and all respective dates. Please be sure to not use acronyms in your CV. This CV should include names of entities associated with any projects.

The University of Florida recognizes the value of telecommuting in fostering a flexible work environment; therefore, some consideration may be given to hybrid work after successful onboarding and training.

Application must be submitted by 11:55 p.m. (ET) of the posting end date.

Health Assessment Required: Yes