Doctors in Training (DiT) 2024 - Emergency Department Registrars 503232 (Multiple positions)

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  • Sep 8, 2023
Medicine Flexible

Job Description:

We love Launceston. Let us show you why!

As the first rays of sunlight catch the towering dolerite boulders beside you, you enjoy a deep breath of the fresh air. Thanks to the mighty South Esk River as it carves its way down Cataract Gorge, you are re-invigorated before heading in for a shift at LGH. Indeed, the Gorge’s energy seems to permeate your work as friendly faces herald your arrival. To top it off, the switchboard operator asks after your health when you ring to make the first referral of the day - again you are reminded of the wonderful human scale of Launceston which makes life and work so rewarding.

The Emergency Department (ED) is a well-equipped, 43 bed unit that opened in 2012. It has an annual attendance of 45,000 with a 30-40% admission rate and approximately 20% paediatric caseload. As the referral hospital for the entire north of Tasmania, with no bypass, our registrars are exposed to high acuity and diverse clinical experiences. The hospital has all major specialties, including a fully supported ICU with ECMO capability and 24-hour cardiac interventional angiography. Consultants provide direct clinical supervision of the department from 8:00am until midnight, seven days a week with an on-call service outside these hours.


As an LGH ED Registrar, you will be immersed in personalised learning opportunities. Offering close mentorship, the members of our FACEM group enthusiastically share their expertise in ultrasound, paediatrics, retrieval, disaster medicine, international EM, wellness, simulation and medical leadership. Indeed, the LGH ED has ACEM accreditation for 24 months of Emergency Training. This training includes paediatric logbook accreditation and we run a successful primary and fellowship exam preparation program, with 2 consultants on the ACEM Board of Examiners. We have an ED special skill ultrasound training position, a 6-month anaesthetics rotation and the possibility of ICU and Medical rotations.


Registrars are provided with 4 hours of paid protected teaching time each week, tailored to all stages of emergency registrar training. These teaching sessions include monthly focused paediatric teaching and sessions in our new simulation centre.

The department is also accredited with both GP colleges, RACGP and ACRRM, for ED advanced skills placements. With 5 accredited supervisors, we offer the ACEM, EMC, EMD and EMAD qualifications.

Trainee Feedback

Our registrars highly value their time in the LGH ED. Indeed, we have a list of registrars that have recently worked or are working at the LGH ED that are happy to be contacted to talk about their experience - please contact us for their details.

“As a first year ACEM trainee, I can’t imagine a better place to work. The team are supportive and approachable, teaching is made a priority and the patient demographic provides ample opportunity to improve skills and knowledge, from ultrasound skills to leading the resus team.” – Registrar 2020

“The entire team was very approachable. I can’t think of anyone in the consultant or registrar team that I wouldn’t feel comfortable to approach with concerns, to ask for advice or just to bounce my thought processes off.” - Registrar 2022

“I am grateful for an accommodative roster that has helped me get balance between my work and family life and have time off for exam preparation and to relax afterwards” – Registrar 2017-2020

“I found the consultants to all be very approachable and knowledgeable. There is a culture of openness and a drive to make the ED better between the consultant group which is visible.” - Registrar 2022

“Very collegiate group, very supportive. Very much felt like the LGH ED is a cohesive team. Also seemed to respect one another and overall get along well; having worked in departments where this isn’t the case, I found this to be a very pleasant experience at LGH ED.” - Registrar 2022

“The best part of working at LGH ED as a training registrar was really feeling like I was valued as an employee and as a trainee. I felt that I was given many opportunities to grow as a doctor, many learning opportunities, and many opportunities to tailor my training to my own needs.” - Registrar 2022

Please see for a video overview of working at Launceston General Hospital and living in Launceston.

Local Attractions

Located in the centre of northern Tasmania, Launceston is your gateway to exploring the island. Experience 4 distinct seasons and historic streetscapes in a dynamic city fostering local artisans, designers, performers and market gardeners, all without the hassle of traffic jams and long commutes.

Relax and enjoy the beautiful local vineyards, fresh seafood and produce. Explore laneways and markets, orchards and berry farms. Take a swim at the stunning natural Cataract Gorge in the centre of town, or at pristine empty beaches in national parks to the north and east. Or be adventurous with your pick of world-class mountain biking, kayaking, climbing or hiking all within a few hours of Launceston, and even our own ski resort only an hour away!

Tasmanian | The quiet pursuit of the extraordinary
Make It Tasmania | Move for a great lifestyle

For the foodies amongst you: and

If mountain biking is your thing, check out our local Derby trails:

Details of Appointment

Fixed Term full time shift worker working 80 hours per fortnight, commencing from 5 February 2024 until 3 February 2025

“Negotiation of contracts of up to two years may be applicable”.

*notwithstanding hours to be negotiated with the successful applicant


Medical Practitioner Level 5 - 11 $97,946 - $138,593 per annum, pro rata + 11% superannuation + access to salary packaging

Salary range is in accordance with Salaried Medical Practitioners (Tasmanian State Service) Agreement 2019


Successful applicants will be required to meet the essential criteria:

General or Limited Registration with the Medical Board of Australia

*Registration/licences that are essential requirements of this role must remain current and valid at all times whilst employed in this role and the status of these may be checked at any time during employment. It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure that registration/licences remain current and to advise the Employer if their circumstances change. This includes notifying the Employer if a registration/licence is revoked, cancelled or has its conditions altered.

Applicants should note the following criteria are desirable

Evidence of current Advanced Life Support or equivalent Emergency Life Support course certification and up-to-date resuscitation skills

Engagement in a relevant training program, such as ACEM/FACCRM/EMC/EMD or equivalent qualifications

The Head of the State Service has determined that the person nominated for this job is to satisfy a pre‑employment check before taking up the appointment, on promotion or transfer. The following checks are to be conducted:

  1. Conviction checks in the following areas:
  1. Crimes of violence
  2. sex related offences
  3. serious drug offences
  4. crimes involving dishonesty
  5. serious traffic offences (delete if not required)
  1. Identification check
  2. Disciplinary action in previous employment check.

Download the Statement of Duties and any Associated Documents

We encourage you to review the Applicant Guide, Statement of Duties, prior to applying for an overview of the duties, program, selection process and selection criteria.

Statement of Duties

503232 Registrar - Emergency Department (ED) MP5-11 (August 2021) HR.pdf

503232 Registrar - Emergency Department (ED) MP5-11 (August 2021) HR.docx

Applicant Guide

Department of Health - Applicant Guide June 22.pdf

Department of Health - Applicant Guide June 22.docx

How to Apply

Apply Online. Please click the "Apply" button on this screen. This ensures important questions about you are answered.

You will be prompted to complete a 1-2 page application detailing your experience, skills and knowledge as they relate to the attached Statement of Duties.

Please note:

For more information

Fiona Cowan

Position: Director Department of Emergency
Phone: (03) 6777 6777

Important information

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The Department of Health values workforce diversity and recognises the value each person offers which is shaped by their unique characteristics, background, experiences, knowledge, skills, values and perspectives.