DIR, Analytic Services

  • University of Florida
  • United States
  • May 4, 2022
Technology Full Time - Continuing

Job Description:

Classification Title:

DIR, Analytic Services

Job Description:
  • Management: Oversees the Data and Analytic Support unit. Directs the efforts of and supervises departmental staff. Provides prioritization, project oversight, and mentorship to a team of analysts, system administrators, and other technical professionals. Establishes role definitions, responsibilities, performance standards, procedures, and accountability for data stewardship. Responsible for certifying that all programs, activities, and systems comply with university, state, and federal regulations. Ensures a working environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. Oversees the planning, design, development, maintenance, documentation, and ongoing support of the Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system(s) for Teaching and Technology.
  • Data Architect/Analyst: Responsible for the design of the Teaching and Technology data warehouse infrastructure, including physical data modeling, logical data modeling, and database schema design. Leads the design, development, and maintenance of Teaching and Technology’s data, reporting, business intelligence, and analytic systems. Defines tool integration strategy, source system data ETL strategy, data staging, movement and aggregation, information and analytics delivery, and data quality strategy. Ensures that industry recognized best practices, standards, and techniques are applied. Maintains secure data quality standards and guidelines. Develops strategies for internal and external data acquisitions, archive recovery, and database implementation. Analyzes and presents insights to add value to business processes.
  • Outreach & Communication: Serves on University, division, and departmental committees. Represents the unit at various state or national associations. Develops and maintains key partnerships throughout the University. Works with OUR, OIPR, and other UF entities to promote data integrity across campus as well as to ensure they meet reporting requirements as determined by the Associate Provost for Teaching and Technology, the Office of the Provost, the Florida Board of Trustees and Governors, etc. Advises senior administrators in implementing programs, new initiatives, and special projects.
  • Strategy: Defines and executes the overall data management and analytics strategy for Teaching and Technology. Oversees the development of analytic and data reporting policies, systems, and processes to deliver relevant, timely, and accurate institutional information to stakeholders in order to facilitate informed decision making. Supplies organization wide support for acquiring data and performing analyses in response to specific needs. Responsible for anticipating departmental needs, defining systems, applications, and solutions to meet the ever changing and constantly emerging field of online learning.
  • Reporting: Works with the Office of Institutional Planning and Research (OIPR) to ensure the accuracy of surveys, media requests, and other official and/or unofficial data request. Collaborates with the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) to ensure that the Course Delivery Data system collects data suitable to accurately report the distance and online learning activity at the University of Florida. Responsible for the design of multidimensional datasets to allow for multi-term and multiyear analysis of online learning trends.
  • Position performs other duties as assigned.
Expected Salary:

$120,000 - $130,000

Minimum Requirements:

Master’s degree in an appropriate area and six years of relevant experience; or a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate area and eight years of relevant experience.

Preferred Qualifications:

Master’s degree in appropriate area of specialization and six years of appropriate experience or a bachelor’s degree in appropriate areas of specialization and eight years of experience.
Experience working with data, databases, data warehouses, business analytics & reporting and query capabilities. CRM experience; implementation and support with strong communication skills and client-focused consultative approach.

Special Instructions to Applicants:

In order to be considered, you must upload your cover letter, resume and references.

Application must be submitted by 11:55pm (ET) of the posting end date.

Health Assessment Required:No