Biological Scientist II

  • University of Florida
  • United States
  • Jan 11, 2022
Full Time - Continuing

Job Description:

Classification Title:

Biological Scientist II

Job Description:

WFREC service: Incumbent practices and fosters team spirit and positive, productive relations with colleagues at the WFREC.

This position will be based at the UF/IFAS West Florida Research and Education Center (WFREC), in Jay, Florida. Driving a state vehicle is required in the performance of the job, and travel to Milton campus and other research sites may be required.

Entomology research program

Implements, conducts, and coordinates research activities for the establishment and maintenance of field, greenhouse, and laboratory research experiments and trials related to insect ecology, insect behavior, insect toxicology, host plant resistance, techniques of insect trapping, management of arthropods and snails, and Insect Resistance Management:

  • Work close with farm crew at WFREC to set experimental plots in field, prepare land, planting and plot management and maintenance.
  • Prepare material and equipment for field, greenhouse, and laboratory use and deployment.
  • Study initiation, treatment application, and collection of data.
  • Set pheromone and light traps in experimental and commercial fields, screening, identify and preserve the specimens.
  • Establish and maintain insect colonies and plants for bioassays.
  • Performance pest artificial infestation in field plots, evaluate insect survival, and quantify pest injury, and economic.
  • Perform bioassays in laboratory and field to document the performance of pesticides and Bt traits.
  • Perform studies of snail and insect life tables to document population life history traits.
  • Perform studies to document the ecology and behavior of insects and the influence of climate and crop system practices.
  • Support studies to document the genetic variability of population of lepidopteran pests, and their resistance to management tools.
  • Conduct library searches and analysis of pertinent information associated with pests in different agroecosystems.
  • Timely entry, curation, analyze, maintain, and report of project data.
  • Provide results and collaborate in the technical reports, research manuscripts, and projects for funding request to the PI.

Entomology teaching program

  • The teaching assistance activities include, but are not limited to:
  • Establish and maintain insect colonies and specimens for classes.
  • Prepare laboratory and field material and equipment for entomology and integrated pest management classes.
  • Assist in laboratory and field class activities.
  • Conduct electronic and print information search for pertinent information for the advancement of class learning objectives.
  • Inclusion and review of schedule of classes, assignments, discussion, and exams on Canvas
  • Contribute for the engagement of the students in a learning environmental about the world of the insects, and the economic importance and sustainable management of pests.

Purchase of necessary supplies and equipment for research and teaching under PI approval.

Research, teaching, and extension inventory of equipment, laboratory chemicals, pesticides, storage material, project facilities, insect collections in a safe, organized, and functional matter.

Participate in the planning and coordinating of work assignment and research activities for undergraduate/graduate students and part-time employees, promoting a cohesive, supportive, and friendly team environment with the overall goal to reach the mission, objectives, and success of the Entomology program at WFREC. May participate in interviewing candidates and mentorship programs.

Receive new and supplemental training in safety, technology, experimental and statistical techniques, which will be beneficial to Entomology program at WFREC, and applied this knowledge when in service.

The incumbent must be able to conduct all these activities under supervision of PI, but a certain degree of creativity and latitude are required.

Expected Salary:


Minimum Requirements:

Bachelors degree in biology or a closely related field and three years of relevant experience; or a Masters degree in biology or a closely related field and one year of relevant experience; Doctoral degree in biology or a closely related field.

Preferred Qualifications:

Doctoral degree in entomology. Knowledge of collection, identification and rearing of insects, insect artificial infestation, and field sampling techniques. Computer software skills should include word processing, spreadsheet creation and management, database creation and management, graphical presentation, and statistical analysis. Experience performing molecular analysis using tools for studies related with insect identification, genetic variability in population of insects, and insect resistance to insecticides. Knowledge of statistics software SAS and other office support tools to support data curation and analysis.

Interest in applied entomology field and laboratory research to support Integrated Pest Management and Insect Resistance Management in different agroecosystems.

• Experience in a research environment with entomology, searching electronic and printed literature, critical thinking, and understanding of scientific hypothesis.

• Experience conducting research experiments, timely and accurate data collection, performance of statistical analysis, and reporting scientific results.

• Excellent planning skills (weekly work schedules, research prioritization, etc.)

• Ability to conduct inventory and curation of laboratory and field supplies.

• A can-do attitude

• A hands-on, common-sense approach to problems

• Ability to ask questions relevant to the performance of research work

• Ability to work well with others

• Detail oriented and well organized

• Be able to perform research activities and data collection under potentially adverse conditions (e.g., cold, hot, rain).

• Be able to repeat bending/kneeling/climbing/pulling/pushing more than 6 hours a day, and work under field and greenhouse conditions at temperatures up to 95 F for extended periods of time.

• Be able to work in laboratory doing counts, insect dissection under a microscope/stereoscope, insect preservation, dilution of solutions, and insect infestation in experimental units.

• Be able to contact and manipulate animal in different stages (e.g., eggs, caterpillars, aphids, trips, wasps, bees, stinkbugs, ants, termites, spiders, etc.), since some procedures may represent adverse conditions to those with allergic or sensitivity reactions to insect bites, scales, excrement, or microbial contamination of insect diets.

• Be able to prepare dilutions and solutions to be used in pesticide field trials and insecticide laboratory bioassays.

• Driving a state vehicle is required in the performance of the job, and travels to Milton campus and other research sites may be required.

Special Instructions to Applicants:

Must have a valid FL Drivers License

In order to be considered, you must upload your cover letter and resume.

Application must be submitted by 11:55 p.m. (ET) of the posting end date.

This is a time-limited position.

This position is available for sponsorship.

Health Assessment Required:No