Senior Financial Auditor (Various)

  • Tasmania Government
  • Australia, Tas
  • Jan 10, 2022
Technology Flexible

Job Description:

Please submit a two page response to the selection criteria to be considered for this position

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Hours per fortnight

73.50 hours per fortnight - flexible options available.


  1. Coordinate the development and execution of audit plans in accordance with the requirements of the auditing standards and within the framework of the Office’s audit methodology. Usually execute the audit plan for high-risk areas.
  2. Utilise current information technology and computer systems to complete audit work, analyse data and prepare reports.
  3. Be the primary contact for assigned audits and take on responsibility for the overall quality of those audits.
  4. Effectively supervise team members including providing clear instructions, timely review of work completed and provision of constructive feedback.
  5. Organise self and team members to deliver work that meets the agreed requirements and expectations including established timeframes and budgets, as well as communicating progress to relevant parties.
  6. Liaise with client staff with a focus on developing and maintaining professional working relationships.
  7. Effectively resolve technical matters arising during the course of work escalating issues where appropriate.
  8. Contribute to the development of reports that include compelling narrative with observations and recommendations that are supported by appropriate evidence and analysis of data.
  9. Work towards developing the knowledge, skills and experience of other team members and contribute to the overall achievement of Office outcomes.

Essential Requirements

Pre-employment Checks

The Head of the State Service has determined that the person nominated for this position is to satisfy a pre-employment check before taking up the appointment, promotion or transfer. The following checks are to be conducted:

  1. Conviction checks in the following; Arson and fire setting; Violent crimes and crimes against the person; Sex-related offences; Drug and alcohol related offences; Crimes involving dishonesty; Crimes involving deception; Making false declarations; Malicious damage and destruction to property; Serious traffic offences; Crimes against public order or relating to the Administration of Law and Justice; Crimes against Executive or the Legislative Power; Crimes involving Conspiracy.
  2. Disciplinary action in previous employment check.
  3. Identification check.

Desirable Requirements

Download the Statement of Duties and any Associated Documents

(image) Statement of Duties (Various) Senior Financial Auditor (December 2021).DOCX

(image) Statement of Duties (Various) Senior Financial Auditor (December 2021).pdf

(image) Tasmanian Audit Office - Short Form Application FAQs.DOCX

(image) Tasmanian Audit Office - Short Form Application FAQs.pdf

(image) Information for Applicants (Audit).docx

(image) Information for Applicants (Audit).pdf

How to apply

To apply, please provide a Short Form Application which is a 2 page covering letter outlining your experience, skills and knowledge as they relate to the Statement of Duties, and a copy of your current Resumé/CV.

Please apply online by clicking the blue 'Apply Now' button.

If you are unable to submit your application online, please contact the Tasmanian Audit Office on (03) 6165 4902

For more information

Stephen Morrison
Assistant Auditor-General - Audit
Phone: 0402 417 505