• The University of Melbourne
  • Australia, Vic
  • Dec 6, 2021

Job Description:

Project title: Communities of Practice in Residential Aged Care: Can they address know-do gaps in infection prevention and control?

Communities of practice (COPs) in health care show promise for collaborative learning and for improving the quality of care that patients receive. A CoP is proposed to have three defining characteristics: a shared domain of interest (members have shared competence); the community (members engage in joint activities, help each other and share information); and shared practice (members are practitioners who develop a shared repertoire of resources, experiences and tools).


The PhD program of research will investigate this question in the context of an MRFF-funded study, “IMpleMenting Effective infection prevention and control in ReSidential aged carE (IMMERSE)”. The candidate will work directly with the project team to investigate the features of COPs among nurse infection prevention and control leads that improve infection control practices in residential aged care facilities.

You will be supervised by Professors Jill Francis and Kwang Lim with additional supervisors drawn from the IMMERSE study team.

Applicant criteria

The stipend is conditional upon acceptance into a PhD degree at the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, The University of Melbourne. More information on MDHS requirements can be found here.

Due to current COVID-related travel restrictions, applicants should be currently located in Australia.

Position Description: Download File PhD STIPEND SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES.pdf