Bioinformatics Developer

  • EMBL
  • United Kingdom
  • Nov 7, 2021
Science Full Time - Continuing

Job Description:

Would you like to join a world-leading provider of genomics data, infrastructure and tools? 

If this sounds of interest, we have an opportunity for a Bioinformatics Developer to help expand comparative genomics resources with our Ensembl ( team.

The Ensembl comparative genomics team's work, spans computational biology, software development, large-scale compute, big data, workflow management and automation. We collaborate with consortia and communities from all over the world to compare an ever-increasing number of genomes and infer their evolutionary history.

As part of the team, you will help us develop software and processes that are capable of comparing thousands of genomes, thereby contributing meaningfully towards making Ensembl the world’s leading resource for exploring the genomics of biodiversity.

The Earth Biogenome Project ( aims to coordinate the sequencing, assembly and annotation of the genomes of all known species on the planet.  This will provide unprecedented molecular-level insights into evolution and biodiversity, and for the first time we will be able to study the genomics of whole ecosystems. Ensembl will provide a platform for the annotation and comparison of these genomes.

You will develop and maintain software and workflows for the processing and management of large genomic data sets. You will work on improving the automation, scalability and reliability of our existing workflows, whilst at the same time developing new workflows and processes that are capable of processing and serving comparative data for thousands of genomes.  Your specific responsibilities will include:

You should have a post-graduate qualification (MSc, PhD or equivalent) in computational biology or bioinformatics, and should have practical experience working with big data. Specifically, we are looking for: Problem-solving skills and attention to detail are critical aspects of this role. You should also be comfortable with communicating your ideas both orally in writing, and have the ability to manage time and keep to deadlines. 

Experience with the following will be considered a plus:

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